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 Waverly Piper

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Waverly Piper


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PostSubject: Waverly Piper   Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:29 am

[Pic of your character, if applicable]
Full Name: Waverly Piper
Goes by:Waves or Pipes
Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment:Bisexual

Hair colour and style: Long, straight and with brown hair
Eye colour: Brown eyes
Height: 163cm
Body type: Skinny and a little bit of masculinity

Dress sense: She can be seen wearing boyish clothes but most of the time she would be wearing girly clothes.

Birthmarks: Waverly has a small birthmark on her ribcage.

Likes: (min 3)
- Waverly is the type of person who likes to meet new people and make friends with them. She believes that making friends can actually be a relief and she feels that having friends would make her feel less lonely.
- Waverly loves reading books especially science fiction and romance comedies.
-She loves to eat food. She would eat everyday at least five times a day and she would not have to worry about her weight as she has high metabolism.
-Is in love with dogs and cats.
Dislikes: (min 3)
- She hates waiting for a very long time and she hates people who are late for occasions.
-  Waverly hates people who are judgemental. She believes that people can be whoever they want in their life and no one can tell them whatsoever. She has a strong belief that they can follow what they wanna do to their hearts desire.
-She hates people who only think for themselves

Strengths (min 3)
-  She is good at Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing and fencing. Basically, she is great at hand to hand combat and fencing.
-Waverly is resourceful in everything she does.
-She is good at reading other people emotions and she knows what the other people is feeling.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- She trust people way too easily and people can easily betray her.  
-She has slight PTSD and sometimes she can be very anxious.
-She overthinks in every situation she is in.
Positive Traits (min 3)
- Friendly and very sociable.
-Has a good sense of humour
Negative Traits (min 3)
-A very messy person.
-Easily distracted
-Lazy when it comes to doing homework
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PostSubject: Re: Waverly Piper   Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:56 am

Don’t forget to post your add-on apps for whichever fandom(s) you wish to RP in! Smile
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Waverly Piper
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