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 Veronika Beaumont

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Veronika Beaumont

Veronika Beaumont

Posts : 2
Join date : 2018-01-09
Age : 20
Location : Beaumont Manor

Veronika Beaumont  Empty
PostSubject: Veronika Beaumont    Veronika Beaumont  EmptyTue Jan 09, 2018 6:04 am

]Veronika Beaumont  Morgana_Katie_McGrath-15

Veronika Beaumont  FPcGmnb
Full Name: Veronika Morgana Beaumont
Goes by: Nik

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Veronika Beaumont  PhgudjJ
Hair colour and style:Veronika has lucious black hair that fall in natural curls all the way down her back. She doesn’t like cutting her hair and only does so if the split ends are unavoidable. She has a tendency to keep her hair down and rarely does she it put it up, unless there is a dire need for it, like making Potions.
Eye colour: She has beautiful sky blue eyes.
Height: Veronika is around 5'6" with long limbs.
Body type: A curvy woman with an hourglass figure, Veronika does everything in her power to keep her body how it is.
Dress sense: A fashionista at heart, Veronika tends to wear the latest trends and finds herself buying more clothes than she could wear. When they ‘go out of fashion’ she gives them away to charity shops or orphanages, depending on what her whim is.
Birthmarks: At the base of her back, Veronika has a small birthmark in the shape of a fleur-de-lis.
Scars: Her body is free of scars, thankfully.
- Piercings: Her ears and belly-button are the only things she has pierced.
- Tattoo: She doesn’t like decorating her body with tattoos but she does have one, on her stomach; it’s of a beautiful white tiger crouched in protection.

Veronika Beaumont  Nd3oBMR
Likes: (min 3)
- Her younger siblings; Isabelle, her younger sister, and Felix, Isabelle’s twin, are the apples in Veronika's eye. In her honest opinion, Veronika doesn’t believe that the twincs can do wrong. She coddles and protects the two of them as if they were her own children and despite the huge age difference between them, Veronika tends to tell them things about her own life.
- Her twin brother - Lucas, her twin brother, a sickly child since day one, is someone whom Veronika greatly treasures and despite the fact that Isabelle and Felix are the apple’s in her eye, Lucas is the one for whom she would lay down her own life if it meant that he would survive just one more day.
- Motorcycles; Despite her strict upbringing, Veronika grew to love the death-trap, as they are fondly called. As a thrill-seeker, she has a tendency to drive her motorcycle for hours on end at neck-breaking speeds around the roads of the manor.  
- Animals; Since she was young, Veronika has had a fondness for animals, be they cats, dogs, horses. No matter what animal, Veronika was quick to find herself falling in love and demanding to have one.
- Tea-making Ceremony; Tea-making ceremony is one of the only foreign things that Veronika likes. At the age of nine she had joined the local tea-making ceremony lessons that had been going on that week. She had fallen in love with it from the very first day.
- Calligraphy; Another Japanese custom that Veronika picked up is Calligraphy, a visual art related to writing. The beautiful handwritten form had caught Veronika's eye when she saw some girls practicing it during recess at their tea-making lessons. She had been fooked ever since.
- Fire; Veronika is a pyromaniac. There is no other word for it. She loves fire and can, mainly, be seen walking around with a lit lighter in her hand.

Dislikes: (min 3)
- Bullies; Bullies and Veronika never mixed well together. She never could stand seeing people be bullied and she never let anyone bully her. Despite her fragile appearance, the witch gave as good as she got and bullies tended to steer clear of her.
- Rain; Ever since she could remember, rain had always made Veronika feel melancholic and sad. She doesn’t know why but because of those feelings she doesn’t like the rain and tends to steer clear of going out in it.
- Lies; From a young age, Veronika had been taught that lies are bad. That they can come back and bite you in the ass if you’re not careful. Her parents never lied to her and Veronika doesn’t lie to them. It’s not good practice and if someone lies to her she will know straight off.

Strengths (min 3)
- Hand-to-Hand Combat; Despite her ‘fragile’ appearance as a girl, Veronika is, in actual fact, strong. She took hand-to-hand combat lesson since she was a young girl and has proven to be a quick and fearless fighter. She doesn't fear getting her hands dirty and fighting for what is right.
- Photographic Memory; From a very young age, Veronika has been able to remember things that normally people shouldn't be able to remember. She can remember long number sequences at the snap of a finger, she can point out a person in a crowd of thousands as if it was only them in the room.
- Agility; Due to her agility and bendy limbs, Veronika can easily get out of tight spots. Sliding under a bus to get away from danger? Sure she can do that. Jumping out of a window onto the other side of a building? No problem.

Weaknesses: (min 3)
- Her younger siblings and twin brother; Due to her immense love for her siblings, they are also a liability to Veronika. For them, Veronika would do anything, even if it meant killing someone.
- Sweets; Veronika has a major sweet tooth and has a tendency to spend most of her money on the sugary treats.
- Fashion; Whenever Veronika sees new fashion and it catches her eye, she must have it no matter the cost.

Positive Traits (min 3)
- Honest
- Thoughtful
- Independant
- Imaginative
- Quick-thinker

Negative Traits (min 3)
- Sharp-tongue
- Temperamental
- Arrogant
- Strict

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PostSubject: Re: Veronika Beaumont    Veronika Beaumont  EmptyTue Jan 09, 2018 7:55 pm

Veronika Beaumont  DSGaD4G

Don’t forget to post your add-on apps for whichever fandom(s) you wish to RP in! Smile
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Veronika Beaumont

Veronika Beaumont

Posts : 2
Join date : 2018-01-09
Age : 20
Location : Beaumont Manor

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PostSubject: Re: Veronika Beaumont    Veronika Beaumont  EmptyWed Jan 10, 2018 3:38 am

Veronika Beaumont  7vYcLws

Veronika Beaumont  FPcGmnb
Age: 19
Birthdate: 21st Januray

Class: Not a superhero but also not a supervillain, she's in between.
Occupation: College Student

Superpower: Pyrokinesis with a side of Flammable Blood due to her power

Veronika Beaumont  Nd3oBMR

Superheros and Supervillains aren't something that Veronika finds herself dealing with on a daily basis despite the fact that her parents are Superheros themselves. She has no opinion on that at the moment however as she's tethering on the edge of being a hero or villain, she knows there's a chance that she will have to dip into the politics of that sooner or later, especially when people catch wind of her powers.

- Setting things on fire; Being pyrokinetic, Veronika has an unnatural need of wanting to set things on fire. Mainly small stuff like some reports that she no longer needs or the odd trashcan that gets in her way when she's walking home from university.

- Water-Related Powers; Whether it's a superhero or a supervillain that has the powers of manipulating water, Veronika steers clear of them. As a fire manipulator, she knows that water is her opposite and can easily be used to nullify her power.
- Her parents; Her parents are a very sore subject for Veronika who blames them for everything at this moment in time.

Veronika Beaumont  4uLzEID

Veronika and her twin brother Lucas were born into a family of fairly famous superheroes. Lucas, unfortunately, had been born as the weaker of the two siblings, always having health problems and even after his birth he had been placed in a solitary room where only their mother could go and visit him to feed him but only for a short while. Due to Lucas' health problems, the Beaumont's had been forced to publicly announce that they only had Veronika and despite many people claiming that they should have been two, Veronika's parents denied it by claiming that the doctors had made a mistake when doing a scan.

It was due to being put into the limelight at such a young age that Veronika had been forced into the role of a perfect child and an all-around good girl of the Beaumont family. In private, Veronika had been forced into countless of private tutoring and training sessions, her parents being of the thought that Veronika could be the face of the family while they focused entirely on their duties; they even left the care of her brother to her and their butler. She didn't blame her brother for her being forced into such a situation but she despised her parents for putting her on such a high pedestal. It's only due to Lucas that she hasn't strayed her hand with her parents yet.

"They aren't worth it Nik." Lucas had murmured to her tiredly one day as she sat beside his bed, peeling an apple and muttering about useless parents, said parents who were nowhere to be seen, having left to help defeat another villain instead of helping Lucas get better. "They aren't worth you dirtying your hands with." Her brother's words had been firm and even though he had been so weak and pale and practically defenceless, he had intensely stared at Veronika as he curled shaking fingers around her hand. "Promise me Nik, promise me on my life that you will not do anything." In the face of her brother's shaking but determined frame, Veronika had promised him to not do anything. That didn't mean though that she hadn't been displeased with even more work being piled on her.

When Veronika had been twelve, her younger siblings, another set of twins, Isabella and Felix were born and she had been instantly enamoured with them, as had been Lucas though he was only allowed to spend a handful of hours a week with them as his health had taken a turn for worse then. The addition of two new family members hadn't deterred her parents from continuing with their work and instead, once more, had forced the young pre-teen to deal with being a mother to the two young children who rarely saw their birth mother.

Growing up in such a household meant that Veronika grew quickly and matured even quicker than any other child her age. By the time she was nine she was doing all the housework that she could. By the time she was eleven, she was a proficient caregiver to her brother. By the time she was thirteen, she was a mother to two young toddlers. By the time she was fourteen she had mastered her powers of fire manipulation. By the time she was seventeen she already had her future planned and that did not include her parents, at all.

With her parents being such lousy guardians, every major decision fell on either Veronika's shoulders or the elderly butler who had been a former superhero. Her patience with her parents had been wearing thin and it had only been her promise to her brother and the two young toddlers that Veronika didn't do anything more than snip and glare at the two people who should've been parents to the four children they had.

When Veronika graduated from the superhero school, she had taken a set of exams for the local college close by and had been accepted as well as given a scholarship and funding to help her get on her own two feet. She still lives at home in the Beaumont manor but this is only due to her siblings who need her the most. If it were not for them, Veronika would've been long gone.

Despite her lineage of being the daughter of two superheroes, the girl is teetering on the edge between heroism and villainy; which one will win though, entirely depends on how her future would go. For now, her studies and her siblings were more important than the internal politics of the hero/villain type.
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PostSubject: Re: Veronika Beaumont    Veronika Beaumont  Empty

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Veronika Beaumont
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