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 All the People Merely Players (open)

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Mariah Berkeley-Benton

Mariah Berkeley-Benton

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All the People Merely Players (open) Empty
PostSubject: All the People Merely Players (open)   All the People Merely Players (open) EmptySat Dec 09, 2017 8:57 pm

January, Second Year

Sometimes the world was just too loud. Today was one of those days. To start off with, she'd forgotten her homework for her first class of the day, and she'd nearly cried when her teacher expressed his disappointment, even though she knew it wasn't that big of a deal. She'd sat at a lunch table with a bunch of other girls, but none of them really spoke to her, they just gossiped amongst themselves about other people. She hated that, but she never said anything, she just tried to block it out. And then some boys in her final class had been particularly rowdy, and there was a good deal of shouting and yammering from just about all the students, to which Mariah covered her ears and closed her eyes, huddling in her seat in the back of the class as she waited for the bell. She couldn't handle it anymore--being indoors with so many people. She had to get away.

So as soon as school let out for the day, she made a break for the lake. Almost nobody ever came there, especially in the winter. It was cold, but never completely frozen over, so nobody could ice skate, and who would want to sit near the water in the cold? Only Mariah, usually.

She hungrily inhaled the crisp winter air, feeling some of the tension ease from her shoulders as she made the short trek to the lake. When she got there, she stood for a long moment, gazing out over the water, before she headed toward her favorite spot: a flat boulder near the dock, under the shade of some trees.

She closed her eyes and allowed herself to just be for a moment, not thinking about anything. Then she reached into her bag and grabbed her notebook and a pencil, feeling a spark of inspiration shoving its way up from the back of her mind. She latched onto it, and lost herself for a moment in her poetry.


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All the People Merely Players (open) Webp_n10
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Eden Ming

Eden Ming

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All the People Merely Players (open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: All the People Merely Players (open)   All the People Merely Players (open) EmptySat Jan 06, 2018 11:53 am

Life couldn't be better, and Eden's usual reserved demeanour had somewhat shifted in the past few months, making him slightly more confident and outgoing -- although not by much. It was winter, and while Eden typically didn't like the cold nor what it did to his plants, he had Arthur with him, and that was all that mattered. So long as Art was alright -- or as alright as he could be -- Eden was also alright. How things had played out wasn't exactly what he would've ever chosen, but they played with the cards they'd been dealt, broken through the soil and thorns, and thrived. Weeds, maybe, or roses. Whichever they were, they were alive, and that was enough.

Making his way down the path in the frosty winter air, Eden was alone this time. Art was busy with something, and Eden had wanted to go down to the lake first. He'd seen some odd weeds growing there the last time he'd been around, not nearly mature enough to collect and study yet, but it had been a few weeks since then and he hoped that they'd be old enough now.

Most people overlooked weeds, said they were useless, had no purpose in the world. Eden disagreed. Weeds were sturdy. They thrived in conditions most other plants would wilt in, and broke through concrete and other suffocating material to bloom. They were tough, and quite often could be used to heal people quite well, in a pinch. They didn't hold much life, being so small, but the thing about weeds was that they were almost everywhere, and in large quantities, and in emergencies, Eden knew that even in the middle of a city he'd be able to find enough to save someone.

There was already someone by the lake, right beside the patch of weed, and Eden winced a little to himself. Now he'd have to disturb them. He sighed a little, hating himself for it, and then walked closer, making out the person as a female a year or so younger than him; he recognised her from around school, not that he ever talked to her before.

"Uhm," he started. Well done, Eden, he told himself. "S-sorry to uhm, interrupt you... but.. Uhm. There's... weeds I need to s-study, and uhm, they're... they're there," he pointed to the patch beside her, "and I don't mean to disturb you... I'll just... uhm, take a sample and let you be... Sorry..."


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All the People Merely Players (open)
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