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 Last Minute Shopping (Kylian)

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Tristan Grant


Posts : 7
Join date : 2017-11-15

PostSubject: Last Minute Shopping (Kylian)   Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:42 pm

Few Days Before Christmas - Year 7

Tristan enjoyed his Winter Holidays because it meant that he could be home with family. Even though right now being with his family was not exactly his first pick due to the arguing. His sister had been off with one of her friends, leaving Tristan to spend some doing last minute Christmas shopping for people. The snow was falling and it left Tristan shaking his head walking down the street as he bundled himself up in a jacket as he proceeded to walk down the street. Hogsmeade had been the best place for the boy do some shopping that did not involve dealing with children who wanted to shop with their parents.

Peering into each of the shops, letting out a small smile with each shop. Despite being arrogant, the boy still enjoyed most things in life because that what his parents taught him. Tristan entered one of the shops to grab a quick gift for his sister and once he found that it was not there, the boy let out a sigh. Leaving the shop Tristan was confused and decided to take a quick look around and soon decided that he would continue walking in the treacherous weather.

A few of his friends had spotted him and immediately walked over to him, "What brings you to Hogsmeade, mate?" asked one of his friends and it left Tristan to give him a laugh. "Doing some last minute shopping." which caused them to laugh. Tristan looked around the village to see that most students who had been at Hogwarts for the holidays were shopping there. He knew that those who went home were more than likely shopping in Diagon Alley, and he knew that it would be easy to shop there. But he wasn't dealing with kids.

After a few more exchanges with his friends, Tristan continued walking with his hands in his pocket. The Slytherin saw some people singing Carols which caused him to roll his eyes. The boy didn't understand the idea of the holidays when most of them were not the typical muggles style of Christmas that involved religion, something he had no regard for. Tristan soon felt himself bump into someone's arm that led to him looking up with confusion, before saying. "I am so sorry," said Tristan with a sigh, hoping that he would not anger anybody at a time that was supposed to be happy.


Harry Potter || Slytherin || 17 || Halfblood || Rich

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Kylian Dupont


Posts : 11
Join date : 2017-08-21

PostSubject: Re: Last Minute Shopping (Kylian)   Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:20 pm

Sixth Year

Kylian had fully meant to go home for the holidays, with this year being his year with his mother, but a case had meant she wouldn’t be home for another day, and so for the first few days of his Christmas break, Kylian had spent his time at Hogwarts. It wasn’t something he minded, knowing and understanding the importance of his mum’s job; besides, it was fun to be with some of his friends who also hadn’t gone back. Being with them when school was going on was one thing; being with them during holidays, when there were no classes to attend and only fun to be had were quite another.

Today, however, he’d opted to go out alone. While he did love his friends and would definitely consider himself an outgoing person, Kylian also knew he needed his alone time. His dad had sent him an envelope of cash earlier that week, his Christmas present, and Kylian had decided he would spend some of that. He’d already ordered presents for his family, so he didn’t need to go shopping, but there had been some stuff he’d seen in a shop that he had wanted to get, and so it was there he headed.

His morning was spent drifting from shop to shop, getting things here and there. When he’d finished, he decided to get some lunch. Walking out into the street, he turned down the lane and was heading towards a small cafe he knew and liked, when, abruptly, someone elbowed him. Automatically, he turned, not fully annoyed but slightly irked; the streets were not full, and there was no large crowd. The almost immediate apology, though, settled him; as long as they were apologetic about it, Kylian wouldn’t find issues with them. It was the rude ones he couldn’t stand.

“You’re good,” he replied, turning to see who it was, and recognising the Male as an older year Slytherin. “Tristan, right?” he asked, smiling a little. “What brings you out here?”


Harry Potter: Gryffindor || Halfblood || Sixteen
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Tristan Grant


Posts : 7
Join date : 2017-11-15

PostSubject: Re: Last Minute Shopping (Kylian)   Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:45 pm

Tristan did not feel like being a total jerk for a change. Given this would be a school circumstance, then it would be different. It was the Holidays and they are meant to be happy, right? He smiled at the person who looked familiar and he knew the guy had to be in a younger year because he was not in any of his classes. The boy nodded, "Yeah, and I am not sure what your name is?" asked Tristan who hoped that he did not sound mean. The boy didn't really associate much with younger students.

The Slytherin listened to the boy's question, "I am here doing some last minute Christmas shopping." said Tristan with a smile. He was curious to know why the other student had been in Hogsmeade. After a moment, the boy began to figure maybe he did not return home for the holidays. Debating whether or not, he should ask. He was curious to know why the other boy had been there as well, "What are you doing here? Most kids are shopping in either Diagon Alley or Knockturn Alley." questioned Tristan, who knew that he shouldn't be talking because he was doing the exact same thing.

"It's definitely a cold one today," said Tristan as he commented on the weather. Looking at the guy who he was curious to know about. He looked at the people who were walking by them, giving them smiles as they passed. "The place is definitely not as packed I expected. Then again the village doesn't have as many shops as others." and his mind began to wonder. Tristan put his hands in the pockets of his jacket which had been black.

A smirk came over his face, "What are your thoughts on the holidays?" asked Tristan curious about his fellow student's views.


Harry Potter || Slytherin || 17 || Halfblood || Rich

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PostSubject: Re: Last Minute Shopping (Kylian)   

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Last Minute Shopping (Kylian)
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