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 Alexis Reinhardt

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Alexis Reinhardt

Alexis Reinhardt

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PostSubject: Alexis Reinhardt   Alexis Reinhardt EmptySat Aug 19, 2017 3:12 pm

Alexis Reinhardt 5

Alexis Reinhardt FPcGmnb

Full Name: Alexis Noelani Reinhardt
Goes by: Alexis. Lexi or Lex for closer friends.

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Alexis Reinhardt PhgudjJ

Hair colour and style:
Dark brunette, borderline black. Currently shoulder length but she grows it out later. Usually wavy unless she decides to straighten it, which doesn’t happen very often.

Eye colour: Dark brown

Height: 5’ 5”
Body type: Average. She doesn’t work out or exercise regularly.

Dress sense: Prefers casual clothes though sometimes she does get the mood to dress up. She has a more edgy sense of style though she doesn’t mind and can pull of sweeter looks.

Birthmarks: None.
Scars: A few from when she fell off a bicycle, but those have faded.

Etcs: Ear piercings, though she doesn’t wear earrings all the time.

Alexis Reinhardt Nd3oBMR
- Daydreaming; Alexis easily spaces out and creates alternate versions of her, playing out the scenes in her head like a movie.
- Music; she appreciates music of all kinds and can play the guitar relatively well, though she prefers listening to music than making it.
- Reading fiction; she loves losing herself in a different world and often wonders what it would be like if she were living in whatever world she’s currently reading about.
- Having her alone time; while she can be sociable, Alexis prefers time to herself where she can do what she wants instead of having to talk to and accommodate someone else.

- Boring lectures; when professors or teachers don’t make the lesson interesting, Alexis often struggles with keeping her brain on the lesson instead of wandering to her daydreaming worlds.
- Loud and noisy crowds; it stresses and tires her out being in a large crowd of people, especially if they’re making a lot of noise. This is why she rarely goes to concerts and parties.
- Hot weather; it makes her sticky and irritated.
- Food that’s too healthy; she eats her vegetables and fruits but draws the line at dieting or having salads as a main meal.

- Gaming; she loves it and excels at it whether it’s a first person shooter or MMORPG
- Fixing things, literally; she’s good with her hands and can usually figure out how to fix or mend things that are broken.
- Group work; she always pulls her weight and even goes the extra mile when she’s assigned group work.

- Sweet food, preserved fruits, desserts; she has a sweet tooth and would never say no to desserts.
- Making friends; she doesn’t usually make the first step in making a friend and usually doesn’t know how to keep up a conversation. The friends she does have are because they included her and reached out to her.
- Heights; she’s not good with heights especially if there’s nothing to keep her from falling. Ironically, her animagus form is an eagle, but this only affects her in her human form. She figures it's because of that one time she fell from the second floor when the railing broke.

Positive Traits
- Hardworking and determined; when she wants something done, she’ll do everything she can to make it the best it can be.
- Patient,cool, and tolerating; she doesn’t get riled up easily and doesn’t mind explaining things again to
- Very helpful; she offers her help wherever needed.

Negative Traits
- Is rather gullible and naive; she easily falls for pranks people pull on her but she enjoys the fun in them and doesn’t get angry or mad.
- Procrastination; she usually leaves things to the last minute but still manages to complete the task relatively well.
- Lazy; she gets bursts of laziness where she doesn’t feel like doing anything and it’s a struggle for her to be productive.

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PostSubject: Re: Alexis Reinhardt   Alexis Reinhardt EmptySat Aug 19, 2017 3:37 pm

Alexis Reinhardt DSGaD4G
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Alexis Reinhardt

Alexis Reinhardt

Posts : 5
Join date : 2017-08-19

Alexis Reinhardt Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alexis Reinhardt   Alexis Reinhardt EmptySat Aug 19, 2017 10:16 pm

Alexis Reinhardt MtBTqG5

Alexis Reinhardt FPcGmnb

Age: 15
Birthdate: 7th May

Blood Purity: Muggleborn
Abilities: Animagus; she can shift into a Golden Eagle

House: Ravenclaw
Wand Type: Pine wood, Phoenix Feather core, 10 and a half inches

Alexis Reinhardt Nd3oBMR

- Transfiguration and conjuring; there’s just something about making something out of nothing and changing the shape of objects that Alexis loves. This is also the subject that she excells most in.

- Flying on brooms; she has a phobia that she will topple over. She doesn’t quite understand why she has this fear since she could very easily transform into her Animagus if this happens, but it is what it is.
- The distinction between the blood purities. She doesn’t like how all Purebloods are held in higher esteem and considered ‘better’ and more supreme than the Muggleborns or Halfbloods.

Alexis Reinhardt 4uLzEID

When German freelance photographer Klaus Reinhardt travelled to Hawaii to capture the beauty of the islands and the people, he met Nalani. He’d come across the nineteen year old girl as she was washing clothes in a stream on the island of Moloka’i. He’d wanted to take a picture of her but she politely refused. Somehow as they spoke, the conversation ended with Nalani agreeing to show Klaus around the island, taking him to the secluded places that tourists knew nothing about.

They spent two weeks exploring the island and during that time, they grew closer and eventually fell in love. Klaus then proposed to her on a whim. Not knowing if she was ready for marriage or to be married to someone of a different race, Nalani asked for some time to think. Klaus returned to Germany and they exchanged correspondence through letters. After a week, Nalani decided she would marry Klaus and the two of them were wed one month later.

Klaus stayed in Hawaii for six years, travelling frequently for his job as a photographer. During that time, Alexis and her older brother Nicolaus was born.

When Alexis was five, Klaus received a lucrative job offer that required him to return to Germany. After much discussion, he and Nalani moved there. The change of culture, language, and environment wasn’t easy on Nalani but she adapted as best as she could. Though she was never as happy as she had been on Moloka’i, she continued to instill Hawaiian culture and lore to her children.

Alexis grew up loving all the stories that Nalani would tell, but she also adapted quickly to her father’s country, learning to speak German, English, as well as the Hawaiian language. She was an independent child and loved learning on her own, devouring all the books available in the house.

When she started school at seven, Alexis made few friends. Somehow everyone managed to form their cliques so quickly that she was often left out. She didn’t mind this very much though, delving into story books when her peers would be in their circles chatting and hanging out.

Around this time, her magical ability manifested when she was leaning against the second floor railing, reading an Enid Blyton book. A screw in the metal came loose, causing her to topple over heading straight for the concrete ground floor. She’d been too shocked and terrified to scream, but instead of rushing towards the ground she floated gently and landed on her feet next to the book which had landed face down. Since she was in a more secluded corridor of the school, no one had seen this. Rather confused about it, Alexis kept silent.

She enjoyed the next few years at school, excelling in her class and usually placing in the top three. This was a vast difference from Nicolaus who most often ended up at the bottom three of his class. Where she excelled in academics, Nicolaus followed in the footsteps of his father, having a good eye for photography and art. Although the siblings were as different as chalk and cheese, they had quite a close bond.

When she was ten, Klaus received yet another job opportunity, this time, in the United Kingdom. The family moved yet again with the kids enrolling in a new school. The same thing happened where the kids in her class formed their cliques so quickly that Alexis was once again left on the borders of her peers. Besides this, she had to acclimatise herself to a different culture and environment. For the first few months, her grades dropped, but as she adapted, she excelled again.

A few days after her eleventh birthday, a man came to her home bearing a letter. He explained to her parents about Hogwarts. Alexis, remembering the incident that happened when she was seven, related the story to her family. Though her parents were confused and weren’t quite sure what they thought of magic being a real thing, they supported Alexis.

Nicolaus however, became rather jealous and hostile, resenting the fact that Alexis was magical and he wasn’t. This drove a wedge in their relationship and what once was close became distant. Though this saddened and upset her, Alexis loved Hogwarts more than anything else. There was so many new things to learn and she soaked everything up.

One notable event was when she met Oriana. The two girls hit it off and for once, Alexis had someone she could call a friend. She was no longer on the fringe of her class, uninvited to hang out and study sessions. Instead, she had someone she could talk with. Through her friendship with Oriana, Alexis made three other friends and she finally had her own clique.

In her third year, when she learned about Animagi, Alexis was determined to become one. With guidance from her professors she mastered it in her Fifth Year.
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Alexis Reinhardt
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