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Site Rules

Post by Madelyie on Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:41 pm

1. Username

Please make the username your character's first and last name, including a space.

Do not use things like ‘Puff4Ever’ or ‘Starstruck21’. You may choose to put your character’s full name, such as 'Alexander Kline' even though you have him go by 'Alex' in the game, or you may just use ‘Alex Kline’.

Please refrain from direct use of characters from other fandoms - i.e. naming your character Bilbo Baggins, claiming Martin Freeman as the Face Claim, and creating a backstory that is similar to his. If you have any questions, please reach out to an admin.

2. Please respect EVERYONE.

It is important for you to understand that there is absolutely no bullying. It's alright for your characters to be nasty to each other during role-play (if consent has been given), but outside of role-playing, fighting, swearing (with harmful intention), or anything else considered bullying will result in you being banned for up to a month, depending on the severity of the actions.

If you have been caught bullying and have been banned for it three (3) times, it will result in a permanent ban, as we take the comfort and safety of all our members very seriously.

3. Number of characters allowed

In order for you to be able to build up your characters, and to allow you the best possible RP experience, FloB requests a maximum number of 4 characters per handler. If you wish to have more after this, a PM to an admin is required.

This rule applies to any and all characters made after the fourth. The more active your other characters have been, the more likely you are to get approval. The reason for this rule is that there are some people who have a habit of making characters and dumping them after a few days of RPing, and we wish to avoid this.

The word of an admin will be the final say. You may resubmit a request after one (1) month.

This rule does not apply, of course, to NPCs (non-playable characters). (NPCs are basically characters that are mentioned but don't have an actual account. Examples would be parents, children, or even friends. NPCs should be used only as a means to drive plot and not as a character by himself, meaning that all posts should focus more on the main character than on NPCs.)

4. Chatbox

The chatbox on this site is considered a public area. While a person needs to be a user to log in, there should never be any expectation of privacy in the chatbox. Anything that is said, therefore, is done of your own volition.

Admins/chatbox moderators have the ability to clear the chat box at any time, but are in no way required to do so. If, for whatever reason, you feel that someone has bullied you or broken a rule in chatbox, please do keep a copy of the conversation and PM an admin/chatbox moderator

The chatbox should also be a friendly place, so when there are many people in there, please try to talk about light topics that include everyone. It is perfectly fine to get into in depth discussions with friends or others if you are the only ones there, but we do ask that you ensure nobody is getting offended and that, once others join, the topic is discontinued.

5. Please respect Admins and Moderators.

We work hard to keep the site up to date and we would appreciate it if you showed us the same respect we show to you. If you do not feel that you were treated appropriately by a member of the Admin/Mod Team, please message another one with your concerns as well as any evidence of this, and it will be addressed by the team as a whole.

6. Advertising

We understand that some of you are experienced RP-ers, who frequent other sites, or may have one of your own. We welcome sister sights, but ask that any promotion of other pages be done in the OOC section. Also, promotion should stay out of the chatbox. Mentions of another site is perfectly fine, but please don't bully others to join. They don't enjoy it, and it will be grounds for suspension.

We expect that any promotion for another site should also include our site being promoted on that one as well.

Make your characters, plot with others, meet new people, write, and most importantly, have fun! Smile If you have any suggestions, complaints, requests, or anything else you want to tell us, please do not hesitate to contact an admin or one of the founders. The list of admins and moderators can be found here:


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